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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beauties rocking MAC's Exclusive Event lipstick

Hey dolls! I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. The kid got a few things from his wishlist and we spent the day with family.  A good time! I didn't wear any special makeup.  I wanted to earlier that morning, but I guess it was a fleeting feeling. 

MAC's Exclusive Event (Divine Night Holiday Collection 2013) soft, brown- taupe lipstick really caught me by surprise. I didn't plan to get anything from the collection.  I had only checked the collection for the MSFs.  I walked in the store, saw it, thought it looked different and just bought it... in early December when the collection launched in October no less!   I was pleasantly surprised.

I wanted to feature some other beauties and how they rocked their Exclusive Event lipstick. Some of you may notice them because they are Specktrites too ;)  Check them out on Instagram!   The lipstick seems to be sold out every where, but if you know how to hunt, you may be able to still find it.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Teen Yummy411 MAC Cyber Lipstick


I've seen Cyber, I swatched it and was ready to experience it. My expectations were for it to be a dry, matte lipstick and that it lay beautifully on my lips. Cyber super missed me with all that, lol.

Using a liner to fully cover the lips before applying Cyber is highly recommended because it is blotchy and also glossy, even though it is a Satin lipstick. I love deep lipstick colors, especially purples, but Cyber doesn't appear purple to the naked eye to me, its almost black which isn't what I wanted.

Hopefully the Punk Couture collection coming out December 26 will please me with the matte, dark purple! Can't wait!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Instagram Update December 2013

It's December! Wow time flies.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, now on to the holiday parties and Christmas!  If you follow me on IG, you probably have a decent update of what I've been up to, but for those that don't, here's a collage!

I was on a makeup pause, classes/shop my stash only deal until I went into a store and decided a lipstick was all I needed. I'm late to the MAC Retro Matte formula greatness, but this Relentlessly Red has me all giddy inside. Bad pic of me wearing it and the pic doesn't do it justice, but believe me, the formula is greatness and impacts the color in a fab way. The formula is matte and comfortable. Win!

 It's been all about lipsticks for me lately. My only purchase from the MAC holiday collection, Divine Nights is this Exclusive Event lipstick.  It's a satin, grey, odd color and is probably the lipstick baby of Stone and Cork lip liners.

  OPI The Living Daylights polish from The Skyfall collection has me in a holiday party mood. It reminds me of the night lights of a party.  I've been getting designs and jewels on my nails and have neglected my love for glitter. 

 What's the point of pics if they don't capture the beauty of the subject? SIGH. This is my Christmas tree. It doesn't look special, but I love it when I walk through the door. It has a silver and light turquoise color scheme. 

 An oldy, but goody and new to me. Since I've been a MAC fan, the limited edition items keep you wrapped in a frenzy and I haven't had the opportunity to experience everyone's favorite permanent lipstick next to Ruby Woo...DIVA! I paired it with Currant lip liner and I'm loving it! Thanks to my girl Ro for putting me on.

 Hey! The Corporate Beauty is in my town now and not just in the blogosphere! A new beauty buddy!  Good times!

 For Thanksgiving, I wasn't responsible for an entire dinner, but I did try my hand at a new dish (for me) Shrimp and Grits Dressing. Turned out pretty tasty! A nice twist on two of my favorite dishes.

I've been into designs lately since polishes haven't tickled my fancy in a long while, but I looked around in the drugstore and saw some new glitters and textures that caught my attention! Two of these are Essie polishes from the Encrusted Treasures collection and the other two are from L'Oreal's Textured polish collection.

In November, I went to NY to see one of my favorite makeup artists, AJ Crimson.  This NY stop on his beauty tour focused on clean, beauty makeup during a live photoshoot with model @rayuanaaleyce and photographer @harryfellows.  Seeing the pros in action was sweet!

How have you guys been?  Life has seemed a little different without Google Reader. I've tried keeping up on Bloglovin', but I never got my feed to transfer over. 

Friday, May 03, 2013

Scandal: Liv's Lips

I love Scandal as much as the next person... each episode full of hoarse voice Harrison, questioning Quinn and Liv's lips... trembling, quivering and locked on Fitz! (Have they ever had an innocent kiss or only the intense, hard core, passionate kisses??)

Speaking of Liv's lips, she commonly wears a nude lip on the show or au natural lip I should say, which is not my favorite lip for her:

While the natural lip fits her role in conservative, political Washington, DC... she can definitely pull of one of her better nudes:

I think she can even wear color! Smear some lipstick on Fitz's cheek or collar!  All of the close ups deserve some better color play!

What do you guys think? Leave her pout au natural or put Liv in some colored lips??

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Partners in Pretty Instagram Lip Picks!

Are you as addicted to Instagram as I am?  Cool!
Instagram has caused me to cheat on the blog. I'm so sad about that and MUST do better! LOL

My fellow makeup enthusiasts (artists, bloggers, vloggers), Partners in Pretty, love Instagram as much as I do.  We are currently doing a tag/meme on IG #Prettypout, showing off our lip choices of the day, using up some of the lippies we are hoarding have in our stash and finding ways to step out of our comfort zone.

Follow along! Join in why don't ya?!  Just use the hashtag #Prettypout

Check out this video by Shana giving some insight on the lip tag!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lime Crime Love!

Hey dolls! My good friend Kim of BrownGirlzRock put me on to Lime Crime's new collection, Alchemy and the gem of a lipstick, Poisonberry. Remember it was on my lust list? Well, I went ahead and made an order. (Don't make the same mistake I did. Wait until Black Friday!)

What I purchased (with Lime Crime's descriptions) and my mini review:
Poisonberry lipstick (a deliciously dangerous berry-purple with a violet glow. Same intense coverage, new lustruous sheen! This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear) I wish this was the regular opaque formula, but I guess the shine is part of what makes this unique. I love this shade. As a purple lover, it's a must have. Getchoo some!

No She Didn't lipstick (a blue lipstick that gives 100% coverage! Wear alone as a statement shade, or layer over other lipsticks to cool down the tone.) The description is absolutely right... and i love it! No staining; no bleeding.

Orchidaceous liquid liner (Bright violet-purple. Matte finish.) It dries matte which gives it a vibrant color. I can't wait to try this with a look.

There you have it! Gorg colors and packaging.  Do you have some Lime Crime that you love? I'm needing all of the lip colors since I love these and my Chinchilla lipstick.  I'll share the rest of my Lime Crime later!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

MAC Young Rapunxel Review

(MAC Young Rapunxel with Nightmoth liner)

Fashion Night Out 2012 gave us lots of offerings.  MAC gave us Young Rapunxel lipstick, a limited edition, smokey purple promoted by newcomer rapper, Azealia Banks.  The dark lip is on trend for Fall (again).

Strictly a collector's purchase, I ordered with reservation.  I've tried the dark lip look.   Most dark lip colors look, well,  just dark on me.

Was this color worth adding to my collection?

I saw swatches online that I wasn't as impressed with, but I'm always hopeful that MAC's new lipsticks will take on their awesome new matte formula.  (It's a matte formula that is stiff without being drying and cakey.)  Young Rapunxel is an amplified cream, another formula I'm fond of, but this isn't the creamy, opaque amplified cream I'm used to.  It was more sheer with slip; not my cup of tea especially with a dark color.  I already own a dark, vamp color with application issues.  This was not worth adding to my collection.

Disappointed.  Besides, you see a nice, rich, purple color on me because of the yellow flash used to take the picture. It appears to be a generic dark lipstick in person. If you missed out on this color or have skipper's remorse, don't be too upset.  MAC's liner in Nightmoth is a dead ringer for the shade.  There are also numerous shades that are dupes of the color..a simple Google search will show proof.  I wish the tube would at least have had Azealia's signature or a special FNO 2012 packaging.  That would have been cool!

Did you buy this color?  Do you love it?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lipstick Quickie: Purple Lipstick Swatches on NC50 and NC43 Skin

Swatches from top to bottom, NC50 and NC43:
Make Up For Ever #15
Make Up For Ever #14
MAC Young Rapunxel
MAC Heroine

Thanks Ro for lending your lipsticks and skin for swatching ;D

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lime Crime Chinchilla Lipstick

Well, well... I copped a fab lippie at The Makeup Show back in May: Lime Crime's Chinchilla (regular retail $16). If you follow me on Instagram or saw any of my Twitter coverage of The Makeup Show, then you already saw this.  Sorry. LOL.

I wanted to share this lipstick here.   Lime Crime Controversy 2010 aside, (I wasn't even sure of the full deets until writing this review), I wanted this product for its uniqueness -- hello unicorns and purple packaging!--and quirky colors.  When I heard about Chinchilla, I expected a concrete gray lippie.  I tried it on and saw that it was tinged with purple/lavender and a bit more wearable than I expected... and I love it! (This lipstick tends to photograph this color, but is a bit darker in person.)

The formula is creamy enough to spread easily, but stiff enough to last on the lips.  I don't use a liner when wearing this because I can pull of the color alone with no bleeding at the lip line!  This is one of my favorite lipsticks, when I was a different lip color/ statement lip, without  the shock value.

I have Cosmopop as well, but I haven't worn that yet.  I'm thinking about it ;)

Do you own any Lime Crime lipsticks? Which is your favorite color?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

MAC Reel Sexy for a night out!

 I'm working my way through some of my recently acquired lipsticks.  This time I felt I had a purpose for my feeling fun, orange lip.  I went to a concert wearing a dress I had never worn.  My hair is in curls, so I was feeling good!

Here are the deets on my look.. sorry if you've seen this on Twitter, Instagram and FB.

MAC Prolong Wear foundation
Ruby Kisses Mineral Powder
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
A bit of brown and black shadows for smoke
Revlon liquid liner
Ardell Double Up Professional lashes in #202

Cork Shadow, Girl Boy Brow Set and
MUFE waterproof brow corrector in shade #2

MAC Equilibrium blush

MAC Entertain Me lip liner
MAC Reel Sexy lipstick

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lipstick Quickie: MAC VG Nicki vs MAC Flamingo

I love VG Nicki!  When I got it I wanted to compare it to another bright coral lippie, MAC's Flamingo (Iris Apfel collection)  VG Nicki is on my top lip and Flamingo is on the bottom.  VG Nicki is more richly hued  and pinker.  Flamingo's formula is lustre and more pastel in comparison. 

Do you have either?  Which do you like?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On my lips: MAC Shop Cook Naughty Saute lipstick

I showed you the swatch of MAC's Naughty Saute from the Shop Cook collection here.  Now, here it is on my lips.  I love it!  What do you think?

[Edited to add...] When I first saw this color on me I thought of NYX Paris, but I compared them side by side  and while similar, Paris is a bit dustier or darker, while NS is brighter, more yellow and glossier.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drugstore Paparazzi's Lust

I'm sure I have something close enough to all of all of these colors in my stash, but I want all six colors from the Essie Go Overboard Collection (1 of 3 Spring 2012 collections from Essie.)

I spotted a new display of Wet N Wild at a Rite Aid, but where are the new Megalast lipstick colors in my area?? *sigh*

On my lips: MAC Iris Apfel Pink Pigeon

MAC Iris Apfel collection lipsticks have given me life!  I'm wearing Pink Pigeon (the lil' sis is in Milani's Rose Hip.)  Pink Pigeon is bright, matte and totally a mood booster.  Does it look neon?  Believe it or not, the infamous and highly sought after Candy Yum Yum lipstick is brighter and a more true neon.  I love both!

Can  you see how Milani's Rose Hip compares.  Pink Pigeon is matte (not the usual uber drying formula).. long lasting, and it stays put!  The Milani lipstick is a bit more emollient, making it deeper in color and more prone to bleeding, shifting around. You def need a lip liner with that one.
Does it glow in the dark?

...andddd for PinK's sake ;) An untried polish: Revlon's Sparkling.  Loved the color and glitters in the bottle, but the color on me? I was not in love =(

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos Review and Demo (YouTube ONLY Give away )

You've seen these Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos on your favorite celebs.  Check out my video to see how they worked for me... and possibly score yourself a set! The give away is only open to my YouTube subscribers.  Leave a comment on the demo video for a chance to win.  Winner will be chosen at random in one week.

I can't wait to try the blinged out sparkly designs from the Glitterati collection!

Overall, its hard to achieve perfect results, but they are totally fun!!! Boo, I skipped a step by not smoothing them out with water after applying.  Have you tried these?  What do you think of them?

These are available at Sephora and Ulta. Retail: $15

*This product was provided by PR for review purposes.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Recent purchases: drugstore and MAC, video overview!

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovelies!! Cheers to the freakin' new year!

I wanted to show you guys a few of the items that I recently bought to close out  2011 and a preliminary overview/review of them.  Check out the video below!  Let me know if you've tried any of the products and your thoughts!

Products mentioned in this video:
Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Bllush
Revlon Diamond Lust eye shadow in Night Sky
Loreal Project Runway Blush in Audacious Amazon
MAC Porcelain Pink MSF
MAC Glitter and Ice Rocking Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Box Sets

Check out OCC's newest sets that include a full size lip brush! OCC's Lip Tar Set offerings:

Passionately Pink: This collection of pinks runs the gamut from pastel pink to deep fuchsia and everything in between! It includes Lip Tars in Tone, Narcissus, Pageant, Pretty Boy and Strumpet, along side a full-sized OCC Precision Lip Brush #010, a retail value of over $83.00 US available now for only $49.50.

Ornamental Orange: A diverse and imminently wearable collection of tangerine tones, from pastel to coral, to neon and vivid fire engine red! It includes Lip Tars in Divine, Cha Cha, Banjee, Trollop and Reverb, and also includes a full-sized OCC Precision Lip Brush #010, a retail value of over $83.00 US available now for only $49.50.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I LOVE YOU Readers!

.....Lips brought to you by MAC's St. Germain lipstick with NYX Prune and MAC Nightmoth lip liners ;)
(My sister hates kissy face photos, so this is especially for her, lol ...not that she reads my blog or anything...)

It's hump day! What are your weekend plans?? Any July 4th BBQ's and fireworks?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lipstick Quickie: Bright lips feat. OCC lip tar and NYX Orange lip liner

*Making use of product recently bought: IMATs Haul
*Here's one for Ms. Chrys and for those that haven't seen this on FB. I love that she's trying bold lips. Truth is, I am too. I get very comfortable with my nude lip!
*I'm rekindling a love for OCC lip tars
It's Summatime! ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lipstick Quickie: MAC Violetta vs. Milani Magenta Madness

....but which is which?

One is on my top lip and one is on my bottom lip.

On my hand the left is Milani and the right is MAC... total dupes.

Do you own either? What's your favorite look with your purple lips?