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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Instagram Update December 2013

It's December! Wow time flies.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, now on to the holiday parties and Christmas!  If you follow me on IG, you probably have a decent update of what I've been up to, but for those that don't, here's a collage!

I was on a makeup pause, classes/shop my stash only deal until I went into a store and decided a lipstick was all I needed. I'm late to the MAC Retro Matte formula greatness, but this Relentlessly Red has me all giddy inside. Bad pic of me wearing it and the pic doesn't do it justice, but believe me, the formula is greatness and impacts the color in a fab way. The formula is matte and comfortable. Win!

 It's been all about lipsticks for me lately. My only purchase from the MAC holiday collection, Divine Nights is this Exclusive Event lipstick.  It's a satin, grey, odd color and is probably the lipstick baby of Stone and Cork lip liners.

  OPI The Living Daylights polish from The Skyfall collection has me in a holiday party mood. It reminds me of the night lights of a party.  I've been getting designs and jewels on my nails and have neglected my love for glitter. 

 What's the point of pics if they don't capture the beauty of the subject? SIGH. This is my Christmas tree. It doesn't look special, but I love it when I walk through the door. It has a silver and light turquoise color scheme. 

 An oldy, but goody and new to me. Since I've been a MAC fan, the limited edition items keep you wrapped in a frenzy and I haven't had the opportunity to experience everyone's favorite permanent lipstick next to Ruby Woo...DIVA! I paired it with Currant lip liner and I'm loving it! Thanks to my girl Ro for putting me on.

 Hey! The Corporate Beauty is in my town now and not just in the blogosphere! A new beauty buddy!  Good times!

 For Thanksgiving, I wasn't responsible for an entire dinner, but I did try my hand at a new dish (for me) Shrimp and Grits Dressing. Turned out pretty tasty! A nice twist on two of my favorite dishes.

I've been into designs lately since polishes haven't tickled my fancy in a long while, but I looked around in the drugstore and saw some new glitters and textures that caught my attention! Two of these are Essie polishes from the Encrusted Treasures collection and the other two are from L'Oreal's Textured polish collection.

In November, I went to NY to see one of my favorite makeup artists, AJ Crimson.  This NY stop on his beauty tour focused on clean, beauty makeup during a live photoshoot with model @rayuanaaleyce and photographer @harryfellows.  Seeing the pros in action was sweet!

How have you guys been?  Life has seemed a little different without Google Reader. I've tried keeping up on Bloglovin', but I never got my feed to transfer over. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidlines: My picks, review and swatches!

Hi dolls!
I wanted to do a round up of my Glamour Daze haul, but...................

I'll start with the fluidlines eye liner ;D Cool? Great!

Out of the three offered with this collection, I bought 2- Feminine Edge  (sparkly pink) and Little Black Bow (sparkly charcoal gray).

When I went into the store and swatched these two, they didn't strike me as fluidline liners at all.  They appeared to be more like paint pots, but more sheer.  Remember I was head over heels with Let's Skate paint pot from MAC's holiday collection, Glitter and Ice?  (My swatches in that post did Let's Skate no justice!)  Well these fluidlines are similar.  The swatches are rather dense from a finger swipe, but once I apply them to my lid and move it around, it appears more sheer and blended out.  They can be built up, but I don't wear them like that.  You can also wear this as a base or to give a shadow a shimmery finish. They give my daytime look a bit of sparkle. I love them! 

Hmmm, I just had a thought that Little Black Bow seems to be a cream version of the blogger fanatic shadow, Hocus Pocus by Lianne?  Maybe?  I'll have to compare at home.  Either way, it's gorgeous.

Do you have either of these?  What do you think of them?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Spoiled's Trust Fund Baby

I've been finalizing my selections from MAC's Glamour Daze collection and I was undecided about the polish, Everything that Glitters. Should I get it?  Can I replicate that from my own polish stash?

Strolling through CVS, where I saw the Essence of Beauty Premium Blending Brush, I also checked out the Spoiled polishes to see if anything was new.  Trust Fund Baby caught my eye.  It's not a new polish, but one of Spoiled's hits. 

Holy crap! Trust Fund Baby over black is Everything That Glitters on crack!  ETG has smaller, more dense turquoise, pink and gold glitters in a black base and $17.50.  TFB has larger more sparse glitters in a clear base and $1.99 at the drugstore.

Soooo, that means no Everything That Glitters for me.  I love Trust Fund Baby!

Do you have either?? What are your thoughts?

Monday, September 24, 2012

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous nail polish

I was perusing through some nail blogs The Polishaholic and saw a glitter polish for the holiday season, similar to my MAC Unconditionally Fabulous polish fromt the 2011 Glitter and Ice collection that I had never tried.

I decided to give it a go for my latest mani.  It was hard for me to decide what base color I wanted to use, but I ultimately chose Essie's St. Tropez.

Usually, I like to see my glitters in low lights, but this one I particularly love in day light.  It looks just like a snow globe!

Blingy enough for me, conservative enough for the office! WIN.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

On my nails: Nubar Violet Sparkle and Spoiled Jewelry Heist

I love my nails at night...The dim light catches each sparkle and makes it shine brightly against the darkness. Purpley goodness! Sparkalicious!
I used a few coats of Nubar's Violet Sparkle and accented each nail with Spoiled's Jewelry Heist.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Milani Purple Gleam and Gold and Black Glam

Just wanted to share a couple things because it's been a minute... If you follow my blog via Facebook, you probably have heard about and seen some of this stuff!

First let me show you my favorite purple, sparkly polish right now.... Milani Purple Gleam.  PG is the jewel purple tone from the one coat glitter formula of polishes.  It took a bit more than one coat to get an even  application, but it's ok.  (This design was based with OPI's Midnight in Moscow.) The dense glitter makes me happy when the sun or candle/moonlight hits my nails!  I'm always on the hunt for an awesome purple glitter and I've found a few... I've been meaning to do a post on that very subject!  This particular glitter brightened my day since Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia didn't strike my fancy much back when I tried it.  It was very murky as the glitters were swamped in the black base. Instead of having ruby slippers to click, I feel like I have amethyst tips to ... idk, stare at!

Next, I have an FOTD I did when I was going out that I liked alot.  Wish I had recorded a tutorial video to go along with it. By the way,  how are you guys liking the youtube channel?  Are the vids helpful?  Enhance the blog?  Let me know!  Anyhoo...  I was excited about going out because it was part of my plan to 'See and be seen'.  You can't meet people and have fun if you don't go out, right? Meh...

(Remember my Nneka Saran purse I got a while back? It's my first time wearing it ...0_o)

My colors of the night were black and gold.  For an easy 'glam-night-out' look I pulled out the trusty old Guilt By Association mineralize eyeshadow by MAC that I mentioned in the October Favorites Vid.  My other favorite product that I should mention is my L.A. Splash glitter liner in Gold.  Love it!  Some times you need a little sparkle to set off a look and the glitter liner was to the rescue!  I use it in my inner corner, bottom lash line and on my lips!  Chunky glitter .... I'm all over it!  Fragrance: Gucci Guilty.. it was the black and gold packaging! LOL Nice fragrance, overall.

=( I will start doing my foundation first, lol

Here's a similar outfit to the one I wore that night:

gold and black

Rachel Gilbert mini cocktail dress, $640
Emilio Pucci blazer, $915
Promiscuous pantyhose tight, $32
Supertrash platform booties, €250
Citrine By The Stones gold citrine ring, €77
ASOS metal jewelry, $18
Givenchy enamel earrings, $45
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio, $40

Now I'm all excited and want to Polyvore some New Year's outfits!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hyped up neutral with glitter (Ben Nye Sparklers) FOTD

One day while in Eastern Market, I decided to stop by the theater store to see what new Ben Nye was in stock... new to me, I found some cool black and multi glitter-- Ben Nye Sparklers and liquid glue! Soon after I had an opportunity to play in my makeup and make use of the glitter (not likely most times).
Check out my pics! I really liked this FOTD.. so my style! Sorry to those of you that already saw these on FB.

Also, this was a day that I left my regular, old faithfuls in my makeup bag at work. Armed with just my personal brush set, mascara and liquid liner, I had to rely on my kit. *groans*

Revlon ColorStay in Rich Tan mixed with a bit of Face Atelier's Zero +
MAC Studio Scuplt in NC40 under my eyes as concealer and highlight
Ben Nye loose powder in Fair to set concealer, topaz to set face and Ebony (?) to contour

L'Oreal Hip Paint in Witty? to base
A bit of NYX Milk shadow stick on my lid
MAC Gesso in inner corners
MAC Bisque on lid
MAC Texture and Swiss Chocolate in my crease
MAC Carbon in the outer v
Revlon liquid liner
Milani Color Brillance Pencil in Aqua on bottom lid
Ben Nye Sparklers in the outer v
Ardell Wispies lashes
MAC Zoomlash mascara

MAC brow pencils in Strut and Lingering
Boy Girl brow set
Victoria Secret concealer to sculpt/highlight underneath the brow

MAC Breezy blush

(before I ate them off)
MAC 2N lipglass
MAC Playing Koi lipstick on top
MAC Cremola lip pencil

Yes! I was still able to make do without my old faithfuls!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new nails: Charcoal Gray/Black with Silver Glitter Acrylic

Despite going to the nail shop with Nubar's Knight Armor in hand or eyeballing Milani's Silver Dazzle polish (which I still secretly want), I was persuaded into getting the acrylic version of these polishes.

The no chip, eternal shine properties of this acrylic glitter was very enticing. (Women love this so much they get it on their toes. -__- Uh, no acrylic on my toes...) Knock on wood, I've never had a broken nail with this type of acrylic. Remember I've had this before. Twice actually.

Not as bright, but I feel like I'm wearing MJ's socks, lol.

In different lighting, it leans very blue.
What's up with the big thumb sized nails?! Argh

All in all, I like it. Next go round, I'll be back to my regular polishes, I think hehe. I have way too many to not wear. Thinking of Valentine's Day nails...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Peacock Glitter Liner Pencil

I got MAC's glitter liner set a couple of holidays collections ago. I wasn't as into them as I thought I was then... Now? It's all love, especially Peacock glitter liner. A nice subdued turquoise with sky blue sparkles or a lighter turquoise sparkle... eeh doesn't matter. I love this liner! I did a look with it recently, but it was my predictable, soft smoked eye with this liner, lining the bottom lid.

Do you have this? Any of the glitter liners? What do you think of them?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pretty Committee Glitter Look!

The Pretty Committee met up this past weekend at the same place we first met over a year ago, Co Co Sala! For this night out I wanted to try a look that I've been waiting to experiment with... word to the wise: don't experiment before rushing out of the door!

Anyhoo I did a more or less dramatic glitter look thanks to these two: Pixiwoo and Aziajs. Here's the glitter I used: MAC's Jewelmarine and Sally's Girl Lavish Lavendar (sooo pretty! Like a fairy's wings! Something like Scrangie's RBL nail polish, but with a more amethyst base than blue.)
Here's blurred swatch of the Sally's Lavish Lavendar glitter.

Now, on to the look:

Ok, so this definitely wasn't a Pixiewoo or Face from Aziajs, but it was fun working with the glitter, lashes and Lavendar Whip!
**The kid told me I looked like the Avatar girl! LOL**
(All MAC unless stated otherwise)
Mineralized Satinfinish Fdtn NC37
Milani pressed powder foundation Natural
Painterly paint pot-base
Green from Wet N Wild's Pride palette-inner lid
Two smokey colors from Sleek's Graphite palette-rest of the lid and crease
Violet pigment-above the crease and lower lid
Glitters: Jewelmarine and Sally's Girl Lavish Lavendar- crease,lid and lower lid
Lashes, Ardell Fantasy? (Halloween lashes)
MAC On a Mission Blush
Lush n Lilac cremestick lip liner
Lavendar Whip lipstick

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gold Sparkle Lemming- Gold Leaf Rococo Polish

Gold Leaf Rococo- Yumm-O! A Christmas gift perhaps? Nfu-Oh, where's your dupe??

This weekend while being snowed in, I attempted to organize my stash. *sigh* I'm happy about this, but of course no matter what I buy to help with organization I still feel what I have is inadequate.

Dear MAC,
Why have you not offered any storage solutions as most of my collection is MAC? Besides, with the new collections weekly you are encouraging us to buy more than we can store. HELP!

Okay, back to the post at hand. While digging thru my stash, I came across this: Maybelline's Pot of Gold. Please don't ask when or where I purchased this. No clue. *not a good sign*

Of course my fave nail Flickr account had a picture of the polish. Thanks Lextard! Check out these other awesome shots of Pot Of Gold from Steph at Steph's Closet and Pretty and Fabulous. Will this hold me over?

Recently, at the local Beauty Supply I found Klean Color's Chunky Silver. Oooh totally have to find Firework next!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

China Glaze's For Audrey in the Winter?

I was perusing the Russian Fortune Cookie's blog when I spotted the most brilliant idea: a beautiful sparkly nail!

I could use China Glaze's For Audrey in the Winter
I've had For Audrey it seems for ages, before it became an internet hit. I've always been into pastels/light creams. Going in and out of phases, I never got around to using For Audrey. This time of year I was hesitant to use it because it seemed like such a summery color. RFC's bright idea of layering a glitter over it, gave it a tinsel town wintery makeover!

Using polishes that I actually own already!
This doesn't sound like a big deal, but buying more polishes than you can wear becomes an annoyance at times. This idea allowed me to use two polishes that I already own. Bingo! RFC used China Glaze's Medallion over her For Audrey. I have that too (sadly), but decided to use my warmer, preferred Cleopatra.

Thanks RFC for my not-so-overly-flashy-but-still-fun-and-blingy-manicure color! ;)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Yummy411: Drugstore Paparazzi November/December 2008

Just sharing some things I found at my local drugstore.

I wanted Lancome's new mascara with glitter, but it didn't prove to be as fascinating as trying Ardell's falsies with built in glitter! Save quite a few dollars and get REAL sparkle!

Then I found this...

Cute inexpensive makeup sets for the budding beauty maven! Makeup kits by Makeup Goddess (Rite Aid).

One large set.

One smaller set.. both $4.99? I guess so!

New Arissa glitters!


New Stiletto Mascara from Maybelline.... another lengthening mascara??? Why not another fabulous volumizing mascara??? Ah these companies just don't get it!

Sort of a close up of the display's mascara wand. Have any of you tried this?

Finally, I get to see Ellen Degeneres putting in work for CoverGirl! I know I don't need the moisture that this product offers, but I'm so curious! Tried this?

Let me know if you seen any of this? Tried it?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yummy411 Thanks you! + Heatherette Looks

I want to say thank you to all of you that voted for me a while back for Habitual Beauty's Holiday Giveaway. I won based on this look:

Thanks for making me a winner! Thanks HB! I won a MAC gift card and went Heatherette hauling (for some more stuff! lol)

***CAUTION! WARNING! If you are over, nauseated, tired, bored or all of the above with MAC's Heatherette collection, don't go any further!***

I picked up: trio 1 and the good girl lashes (I thought I was a bad girl, but I love the glitter reflects in the lashes.) I bought some staples like Woodwinked, Dollymix and Pink bronze pigment. However, the pink pearl pigment and 3d glitter are calling me back! (Got gold reflects glitter and some lippies already.) I swear I have a dupe for pink pearl pigment, but it's a powder and a bit more chalkier than going on smooth and shimmery. They were out of the liners (the Blue Pop one was on my list!)

I have not done an FOTD yet, though I had ideas. I haven't done one yet because I'm so dang busy looking at other blogs and youtube vids =( So here's what I found... some hotness! I love sgtigress, her looks and personality. I'm not quite the advocate of females calling each other bitches... but you gotta take the good with some bad. Lucky for us she did looks for both trios. Friggin A! I might have to go back for trio 2!

Trio 1

Trio 2

She shares my love of glitter (worn the good way, adding definition to her look.. did you see the glitter in my holiday fotd above?), paint pots, rhinestones, drama and she uses the mysterious 223 brush (that I bashed for a while)! I might have to get that too. Instead of doing nothing (like we said in our brush discussion hahaha), it may just blend enough, but leaves enough for definition in a look!

Hope you enjoyed and I hope to get to my posts up; the ones where I actually have to do more work like taking pics of stuff and uploading on the dreaded blogger.. womp womp.. until next time babes!